At Bad Beez Beauty, we want to let every woman know that she is beautiful. It is our goal to transform you from the inside to the outside. With this in mind, we develop every product with love. Whether your a makeup newbie or makeup rock star, we have something you will love. 

Do you remember the first time you were allowed to wear makeup? For many of us, it was a bubble gum flavored lip gloss we got from the local beauty supply store. For you, was trying on your mom's lipstick your first time wearing makeup? Was it the school dance? These are memories that we cherish, reminiscent of how many girls began their love of makeup. 

Bad Beez Beauty strives to develop products that captures who we are. We are a inclusive brand that makes products for women of every skin complexion. We love to have fun. We want you to be empowered to make your makeup decisions based on your personal style & not what's trending. We are for any woman who is unapologetically who she is and is not bothered by what anyone else thinks.  

One of our goals is to give back. We hire locals to pack & ship your products with care. We love to hear from our customers. We love getting the pictures you send on how good you look wearing our products. We love to hear how good you feel after wearing our products. Thank you for loving us!


May God bless you richly, 

Margaret Jones-Paige, Founder & CEO